Top 5 ways to optimize your blog to get the most out of it

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Blogging is one of the best platforms to express your ideas to the world. Most times, if you are an expert in certain niches, people will actually seek out your opinion. Most people may think that blogging is dead, but that is because they do not spend a few minutes of their time each day optimizing their blog which, if done properly, allows their readers or search engines to bring traffic to their blog.


With the right focus niche, you will be amazed at the number of advertisers who will be interested to promote their products on your website. Monetizing could not be any easier. Here are the top 5 ways which are free and bring significant value to your blog. 


1) Get your own domain and server

We couldn’t emphasize on this more - it is important to get your own domain and own hosting for your blog. Why? The reasons are simple really, because (a) you own it, and (b) you own it. It looks more appealing not only to your readers (having your own domain shows that you are taking blogging seriously) but also to search engines such as Google.


Building up your own hosted blog might take some time, but investing your time into something that you own is way better than hosting on a free Blogger or Wordpress domain. Don’t get me wrong, you can still use Blogger platform but you’ll have to make sure you have your own domain using their custom domain in Blogger settings. However, I personally recommend Wordpress because they have a huge community with many plugins which you can insert into your blog.


One of the benefits of having your own hosting is that just in case your traffic doubles or triples, you can always increase your server size to increase your site load speed and accommodate this increase in traffic. Most hosting providers provide Wordpress “phpmyadmin” on their hosting, so it basically comes free with hosting. Issues arise for free blogs when you want to sell them. The value will be lower and not to mention that there will always be a huge limitation when it comes to what you can do with your blog. Nothing is free in this world, so they say.


2) Do research on your niche

Are you an expert in a certain field? You do not need to be a working professional to be an expert. Maybe it is something you have a huge passion for such as healthy eating. This is where you do your research beyond any other normal person would do and convey it to your readers. Getting into a niche is always better than doing something too broad and general.


Advertisers in your space will always seek you out because of their product relevancy and you will soon become a “guru” to your readers. This, in turn, will bring you huge potential to leverage yourself as a marketing tool to monetize on many things such as affiliate products, your own products and sponsored products in the future. Once you are done with your research, try to name your blog something which is relevant to your niche, such as "The Healthy Junkie”.


It is also important to optimise the title of each page with what people are looking for. For example, if people in your region are looking for “healthy food tips”, try putting your homepage title as “Healthy Food Tips, Diets and Affordable - The Healthy Junkie”. Also, do not forget to add relevant keywords into your description!


3) Join an affiliate network

When you start seeing increased traffic to your blog and begin building a solid readership base (remember to always get them to subscribe to your posts), it’s time to start monetizing your blog. You will not need to actively seek for advertisers as they would be able to easily come across you online if you optimize your blog correctly. However, you cannot depend on just waiting for them to come to your doorstep.


There are many other ways for you to fully utilize your blog such as joining an affiliate network which is in your country. Local affiliates are easier to deal with as they will be there to support you within the same time zone. Furthermore, it is also way easier to build relationships with them and to have meetings over a cuppa when you’re in the same country. Since these networks are well connected with advertisers, get them to introduce you to relevant advertisers so that you can start running big campaigns with them! 


4) Providing rewards such as coupons to your readers