[GUIDE InvolveAsia Advance Platform] Generating Deeplinks

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Generating deeplinks are a great way to promote individual products and specific deals on your website or platform. 

  • Go to Tools > Deeplink Generator

  • Once you’re in you the deeplink generator, select the merchant that you would like to generate a deeplink for

  • Once you’ve selected the merchant, then you can grab a deeplink from that merchant’s website

  • Paste URL in the “Add Deep Link” field, once you’ve placed the URL in the “Add Deep Link” Field press “enter” or the plus button.

  • Once you’ve generated a deep link, you’ll be able to copy that URL from the “Your Tracking Link” field

  • If your tracking link is too long, you can shorten it by clicking the “Shorten Link” button below your tracking URL.

 Your tracking URL will switch from to


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