[GUIDE InvolveAsia Advance Platform] How to Use Ad Groups

 Click here to view video tutorial


Using our conversion-optimised banners is a simple way to start making money with your blog or website. Simply install our ad code in either iframe or javascript and we’ll do the rest!

Our banners optimise which creatives to display according to which merchant makes you more money!


1) Go to Tools > Ad Groups

2) Select an ad-unit size which is suitable for your website. Well placed ad units have higher click through rates and generally make your website more user friendly. If the ad size you want is not here, please get in touch with your account manager

3) Once you’ve selected your preferred size, simply select your code type and copy and paste the ad code into your website

Your banners should start showing immediately. You will be able to go to the “Reports” section to see how many impressions you’ve served as well as your earnings.


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