[Guide IA Basic Platform] How to install Shoplinks

Content and Blog -  Shoplinks is the most suitable tool to monetize and leverage on your content. Shoplinks is an easy-to-use script which you will need to install on your website. Shoplinks is able to convert keywords available into hyperlinks related to InvolveAsia’s advertisers. Below are guides on how to install and use Shoplinks.

How to install Shoplinks on Blogger?

Step 1 : Login to your blogger account > Homepage > Click on the name of your blog (Eg. Shoplinks)

Step 2 : You will be directed to the “Overview” page > Click on “Layout” from the menu on the left of the page.

Step 3 : Scroll down the page > Find “Footer-1” or “Header” > Click “Add a Gadget.

Step 4 : A screen will pop up giving you various options > Click “HTML/ Javascript”.

Step 5 : You will be brought to a page: Configure HTML/ Javascript > Suggest titling it “Shoplinks.Asia”.


Step 6 : Please open a new browser tab > Login to the new publisher dashboard.

Step 7 : Go to Tools > Shoplinks > Enter your website URL > “Copy” the install Shoplinks Script.

Step 8 : Head back to Blogger > Paste the script in the content > Click “Save”.

Step 9 : To verify your script > Go back to your dashboard > Click “Check” to verify the status.


How Shoplinks works:

  • Shoplinks installed > Create a new post > Write your content > Highlight the text you wish to convert > Click “Link”.

  • Please go to the website you wish to be directed > Copy the URL.  


  • Since you clicked on “Link”, you will be brought to “Edit Link” > Paste the website URL in “Web Address” > Click OK > Continue your writing/ Publish it.


  • For testing > Click on the text > If you see the URL (as attached below) while directing to the page, means your post has effectively converted to our tracking link!  




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