[Guide IA Basic Platform] How to use Deeplink Generator

Social Media & Community - DeepLink Generator is the best tool to use for social media & community websites. Generating deeplinks are a great way to promote individual products and specific deals on your website or platform.


Step 1 : First Go to Tools, Click Deeplink Generator


Step 2 : Next select the merchant that you would like to generate a deeplink


Step 3: Once you’ve selected the merchant, you can grab the link you wish to promote from that merchant’s website. Copy the URL and paste it in Deeplink tools “Website Url”


Step 4 : Sub ID is an option to keep track of specific user information and help affiliates identify a campaign attribute or traffic source.You can add up to 5 Sub IDs.


Step 5: Click the “Generate” button to generate a tracking link.


Step 6: Copy the tracking link to paste on your website



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