[Guide IA Basic Platform] How to get Campaigns and Coupons

Campaigns and Coupons - Campaigns and Coupons are the most popular tool available for you. You can find all the new upcoming and ongoing campaigns available and start monetizing those coupon codes from your visitors. Below is the guide on how to use Campaigns and Coupons.


How to get Campaigns and Coupons?

Step 1 : Login into your InvolveAsia dashboard

Step 2 : Go to Tools and Click on “Campaigns and Coupons”

Step 3 : You are able to Filter “Campaigns and Coupons” based on start - end date, Country, Merchant, Category, and Coupon availability.

Step 4 : Next once you have selected the promotion you want to promote, click on “Get Link” to generate a tracking link or HTML code.

Step 5: Copy the link or HTML code and paste it in your website.

  • To download the banner click on “Download” Button



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